PLC Panel
We are one of the manufacturers of PLC Panel. We offer a wide range of PLC panels that include 70 DI/DO PLC panel. Our panels are equipped with 18 initiator windows to display any type of fault. Our PLC panels are used for automatic charging of aluminum melting shaft furnaces. We manufacture PLC Panels using superb quality material. Our PLC Panel is widely used for industrial process automation.
Power Distribution Panel
We are one of the Successful Power Distribution Board Suppliers. Our Power Distribution Board is mainly used to distribute direct current power from one supply to other devices. Our Power Distribution Board monitor and protect DC systems. It also serves as an effective & efficient power distribution system.
APFC Panel
We Offer APFC panels that are equipped with different outgoing of 630A, 400A, 63A & 32A. They comprise of one main ACB 1600A 4 pole MDO and a capacitor bank 800KVAR. Our products are used in different industries for variety of applications.
AMF Panel
We are one of the well established AMF Panels Manufacturers situated in India. We manufacture AMF Panels like Automatic Mains Failure Panels etc. Our Auto mains failure panels are used to automatically changeover from mains electricity supply to stand-by generator on failure of the mains supply. Our AMF Panels are largely used in hospitals and offices.
Starter Panel
We offer quality starter panels in order to facilitate easy starting of motors, that results in reduction of wear and tear and increase the service life. The offer soft starter panels of 90KW. The panels make the product suitable to be used in various applications including paper, printing, sugar mills, textile, injection moulding, rolling mills, extension, fans, air handling units etc.
Bus Ducts
We are one of the manufacturers of Bus Ducts Manufacturers & located in India. We offer variety of bus ducts such as electrical bus ducts. Our bus ducts are used where very heavy current passes through electrical equipments. Our bus ducts can be used in wide variety of applications that include Building Wiring, Electric Power Transmission, Industrial Power Plugs etc.
Mimic Panel
We are one of the well established Mimic Panel Manufacturers. We produce different types of Mimic Panels such as Electrical Mimic Panel, Mimic Display Panel. Our Mimic Panels are suitable for industrial purposes. Our mimic panels are a scale model of a system, device or geographical area.
DC Panel
We offer high quality Drive Panels. We are equipped with the latest technology and machines for manufacturing value added DC Panels like Electric Drive Panels. Our in-house production facility enables us to meet the rising expectations of the market.
Meter Board
We are well acclaimed Meter Board Suppliers. We are famous for manufacturing the outstanding category of different types of meter board. The range of our meter board consists of meter boards like Electrical Meter Board. Our Meter Boards are appreciable in terms of durability, workability and cost effectiveness.
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